L'APerçu Team

Meet Laurent!
Laurent, the founder of l'APerçu, lives in a wetsuit and has a tan all year long. This year, he celebrates the 10th anniversary of Catacare, his company that takes care of everything to make sure you can get a maximum of fun out of your sailing hours. 

He has opened L'APerçu in Knokke - Heist to take his core business, providing you a lot of fun on the water, to the max. L'APerçu in Duinbergen is therefore the place to be for everyone who loves the sea and the beach.

They say, behind every successful man there stands a woman. Well...Laurent has two!

Meet Clara! Clara is not only his wife but also the designer of the Men Collection of T-shirts and the interior designer of L'APerçu.


L'APerçu; What's in a name?
When the AP flag is raised in the sailing world, it means that the race has been paused for some reason, for example too much or too little wind. The shop is named after this flag because it is intended that if you are not on the water or on the beach, you should be in L'APerçu. It is one of the Hot-Spots in Knokke-Heist as you can get everything to look perfect on the water as on the beach, including the summer 2021 trends!